Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Family Recipes

No matter what house we are in, the Kitchen and what is created in it is one of the backbones of our home and family. Over the years we have created not only food.... but many memories and experiences together. At first it was cooking what we knew... as cheaply as we could. But as the years past, it became more. We choose to take responsibility for our happiness and in that choice, we learned to value our health and what we put into our bodies. Regretfully, we can't go back and undo our mistakes, but we can move forward, ever learning and improving upon what we do today and any tomorrows we are blessed with.

For us, we have given up the cheap chemically processed foods that places like Wal-Mart make so easily and readily available. We do this by going as local as we can with as much in-season and minimally processed foods as we can. The finest quality of fresh, flavorsome and healthy meals created by hand-picked ingredients. The ones I am learning to store in my cupboard, and can rely upon to create with love any number of different dishes. We try at least one new creation a week, discovering new loves and even a few that we will never make again. We are currently working on going non-GMO and adding many RAW experiments into our weekly menus, learning what we do and do not like. Additionally, these choices fit well with our main family goal of living self-sufficiently.

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