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Each issue of Dairy Goat Journal provides timely articles about raising, breeding, and marketing dairy goats as well as health issues and recent news of interest to goat owners and the dairy goat industry.

  Natural Goat Care
by Pat Coleby

Land of Havilah Farm 
Kristie Miller, one of my idols and mentors, is a Certified Family Herbalist, Nutritional Herbologist, and Nubian goat breeder located in Michigan. She has great resources on her website and the Totally Natural Goats Facebook group she created has been a true blessing. Also check out her online store for good prices and sales on things such as pre-mixed herbal wormer.

Fir Meadows LLC 
Katherine Drovdahl is a Master Herbalist and author of The Accessible Pet, Equine, and Livestock Herbal, a book that never leaves my desk to rest on the bookshelf. She also formulates and sells a wide variety of herbal mixes and tinctures, and she is a goat breeder and uses her own mixes with her herd on a regular basis.

Fias Co Farm 
Molly Nolte’s website contains a wealth of information regarding goats. She raises a herd of goats following natural practices. On her site, she shares herbal treatments, basic goat care information, cheese-making recipes and more. As we live in the south, I do not use her Wormers as I've heard through many resources that they do  not do well in our climate.