Monday, August 1, 2011

Heading into A State of Insanity

We used to always count on tomorrow. It will be there and all those things we want, we will get... in time. All the things we longed to do... well, we've got plenty of time for that too.  So, we lived day to day doing what must be done just to get through that day.

Now, I am not saying we never planned for tomorrow, because we did. Someday was one of our favorite words. Someday we're going to have this and some day we're going to have that.  And those 'things' that we thought we wanted or just had to do... well, once we started them, it did not seem to be what we thought it was going to be and we moved on. But that was okay too... because well, there was always something else to take it's place. Some new whimsy that we hoped would bring us whatever it was we were looking for.  And in 17 years of being on this cycle, we never knew, not really, what we were actually searching for.

It wasn't until we almost lost everything; our selves, our marriage, our family, our home.... that we learned that what we really wanted above all else.  Happiness. We also learned that happiness isn't something you just go buy in the store or waited around for time to deliver it to you. Happiness had to to be created. 

The first step in creating this happiness was to look at our selves. What did we each want as an individual? What dreams did I have? What goals were hanging out there to be achieved? Once each of us had a vision of what we truly wanted, we then shared them with one another. To our surprise, when I read his list and he read mine, it was as if we were reading our own. We each had the same goals... the same dreams for our happiness in life... and up until that moment, we never knew. 

Our Biggest Goals/Dreams
Be Happier/Healthier
Self-Sufficient Living

And now, having defined what we truly wanted, we are learning to live each day to the fullest reminding ourselves not to take time for granted as we walk hand in hand.... Heading into A State of Insanity.

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