Thursday, August 2, 2012

Penny-Wise Eco Friendly Clothes Drying

One of the things I hated most on my list of chores growing up, beside picking purple hull peas, was hanging up the wet laundry on the clothes line. I mean it was HOT, it was muggy, there were bugs, and all that reaching over your head with heavy towels and jeans! Uggg!


Apparently at some point, one of the previous owners lined dried their clothes as evidenced by the rotted clothes line pole and the clump of cement in the back yard.

Well with our dryer being on it's last legs and the huge electric bill we got this month, we've decided, after much research, we are going to try to use the free solar energy of the very powerful Texas sun to dry our clothes.

There are many benefits to line drying. One of the best benefits of line drying your clothes is that they will last much longer than they would if they were just thrown in the dryer. All that lint you get out of your dryer after every load? Well, that is actually all of the worn-away fabric caused by not line drying. It's financially beneficial. Many of the articles I've read show a savings of up to $100.00 a month. Another benefit is the line dried clothes wrinkle less. And one of the main reasons is that fresh air scent that so many laundry product companies try to replicate but never ever match what you get by line drying your clothing outside.


One of the sites I came across while researching wasLife, In A Nutshell. One of the articles on the site titled 'Build your own clothes line. Right now.' was used as our inspiration to model ours off of.

All Finished

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  1. This is one of the items I wish we could have brought with us. Going to have to just build a whole new drying system. :D