Our Sale Policies

Our Sales Philosophy

Our goal is to naturally produce organically healthy, high quality production animals for breeding and/or show. We care a great deal about each and every one of our animals and want them to have happy, healthy lives. If we could, we would also keep each and every one of them right here with us on Fable Haven. However, that is not feasible and thus we want to find great homes for our animals and for everyone to be happy with their purchase. 

One of the most important parts of being a homesteader, to us, is helping those that purchase from us.  Anyone can sell you an animal.  At Fable Haven however, we will help you learn to care for your new livestock.  We take great joy in helping those that purchase livestock from us to learn how to provide the best care possible for them.

Our Sales Policy

The terms and conditions of our sales policy below are to protect not only Fable Haven, but our animals and their buyer as well. Before contacting us about purchasing any of our animals please read this policies carefully.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.

Pricing, Deposits and Payments

  • Each animal is priced individually according to their pedigree, production ability/record, and show experience (if applicable).  We will only sell if we are confident that they will produce offspring we ourselves would be willing to keep in our breeding program, and we will advise you on potential strengths and weaknesses each animal may be most likely to pass on so that you stand the best chance of getting outstanding offspring when breeding.  The cost of feed, hay, supplies, and other maintenance costs are factored into our pricing as well, and will fluctuate from year to year.  Specific prices can be found on our 'Sales Listing' tab.  Prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE, so please do not to haggle with us over our prices.
  • No critter from our menagerie will be reserved without final/cleared receipt of a 50% deposit.
  • An animal that has been selected and payment is in route will be marked as 'On Hold'.  If payment is sent from out of state, we allow seven (7) calendar days for a payment to reach Fable Haven. In state payments must reach us within four (4) calendar days.  If payment has not been received by the specified time the animal will be released from 'On Hold ' and put back on sale.
  • Deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable; except if the reserved critter becomes unavailable.
  • Once  a deposit has been received, the animal's status will be set as 'Sale Pending' showing that the animal is still on the farm pending final payment and shipment/pick up.
  • We prefer and accept payment through PayPal. Please contact us prior to payment via PayPal for verification as all payments will include the 4% PayPal charge fees.
  • We will accept personal checks for deposits only, but please allow up to ten days for your check to clear, Also, please remember that an animal is not considered reserved until the check has cleared. Checks should be made payable to Tom & CJ Sheppler and mailed to: 
    • Tom & CJ Sheppler, 4161 Blueberry Hill Road, Nashville, TN 37218
  • All critters purchased should be paid in full prior to pick up or transfer.
  • For payments made at pick-up, all monies due should be paid in cash. No personal checks will be accepted on date of pick-up/transfer.  

Health and Welfare Guarantee

  • Most animals on our homestead need companion animals to reside with. For example, Goats, Sheep, Cows...  are herd animals and we will never sell a single herd type critter to someone who does not have that type already. If you are just starting your herd we would happily arrange with you to purchase a small starter herd of two or more. 
  • We guarantee that all animals are healthy and disease free at the time of sale. Fable Haven would never knowingly sell any animal that is unhealthy.
  • ALL of our 'babies' are mother-raised, as we believe that this is what is healthiest and best for their growth and development. However, all are taught to take a bottle.  
  • The animal will be socialized and, hooves will be trimmed. 
  • If an animal that has been deposited upon or purchased becomes ill before delivery to buyer, Fable Haven reserves the right to keep the animal until it recovers. 
  • Once leaving the homesteadand out of our care, Fable Haven cannot be responsible for the animal’s well being. We do not have control over what happens once they leave our farm and make no guarantees once they have left our property. And under no circumstances, is Fable Haven responsible for any veterinary fees after the animal leaves Fable Haven. 
  • You may, at your expense, have a veterinarian come out to inspect an animal you intend to purchase. 
  • Fable Haven is vaccine free. Any vaccines wanted by the buyer will be provided by the buyer after the animal as left our property. 
  • We use an organic herbal  parasite control and no other substitutions will be allowed while under our care.

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