Monday, January 6, 2014

Polar Vortex.... wth??

Just as temperatures are beginning to warm  around here, another arctic blast that they are calling a polar vortex appears to be on the horizon.

Prepping as much as we can and we're only supposed to get down to -3 at the lowest tomorrow... But it's dropping from 54 currently to 6 degrees in just a matter of hours this evening . Which is really what is worrisome me... the sudden hard and fast drop in temps.

For the goats,  we took all the hay out of the Sleepy Goat Inn and put in layers upon layers of straw. Drove out to a friend's homestead and she let us borrow some of her pet heaters which are  microwavable. Certainly plan on using those tonight. 
urned the inn around and blocked more wind flow with a couple of tarps, giving them a cozy corner to get into when they are not secluding themselves in the shed. Got an extra bucket so we can rotate hot water for them to drink every night.

For the chickens, they got fresh straw and their feeder & watering can was moved up into the roosting area of their coop.

The dogs are easy peasy, they get the luxury of staying in the house.

Now just going to say a lot of prayers, like some candles of concern and toss and turn all night with worry!
Everyone be safe for the next few days and have a back up plan for if you lose power.

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