Sunday, November 30, 2014

SOP: Kelp and Kop-Sel Blend

As any homesteader knows, when you ask questions on the healthy management of critters, the advice you get can be as varied as it is endless. Every person you seek out in your research will have something differing advice with no list of  products and procedures being the same.

For us here at Fable Haven, we have had to make our own choices, choosing carefully from the tons of advise, the vast gigabytes of online info and the many shelves of books in our study.   This posting is all about our choice  to use Thorvin Kelp and Kop-Sel together for our tribe of goats.

Thorvin Kelp is an all natural product that is making a positive impact in our tribe.. We offer it, mixed with Fir Meadow's Kop-Sel blend free choice and I believe the health benefits are readily apparent.  Thorven Kelp is a rich and dependable source of 60 minerals and elements including iodine, 21 amino acids, and 12 vitamins (including A, C, B12, thiamin, and vitamin E or tocopherol). Because the minerals are in plant tissue they are easily digested and assimilated. Many of the trace minerals contained in kelp are essential for producing enzymes which in turn promote healthy body functions. 

Kop-Sel is a traditional herb blend from Fir Meadows that focuses on Copper and Selenium. It is especially helpful for those living in areas facing the challenge of these minerals lacking in their soil. Since it will NOT build up in their system it is used by us as a daily supplement. Other herbal sources of Copper and Selenium are Alfalfa, Lobelia,  Comfrey, Burdock Root, Nettles, Chickweed, Red Raspberry Leaves, Catnip, Rosehips, Cayenne, Chaparral, Bringham Tea, and Raw Pumpkin Seeds. You can be sure that many of these herbs are in the Kop-Sel blend.
Fable Haven's SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in offering Thorvin Kelp and Kop-Sel to our tribe of goats is to offer  it free choice. However, in this case, free choice does not mean just going dumping both out in buckets and letting them have at it. Instead, we mix the two together in a 1 cup of Thorvine Kelp to 1 teaspoon of Kop-Sel ratio as shown in the following  pictorial:

Empty container, Thorvin Kelp, Kop-Sel and a funnel.

We add one cup of Thorvin Kelp.

Followed by one hefty  teaspoon of Kop-Sel.
Repeating the layering until full.

Then shake until well blended and ready to free choice.


  1. Excellent! I was wondering in what ratio to mix it...

    1. That ratios is working for us... We have 4 Nigerian Dwarfs.