Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Goat Scare!

In my near year with goatlings, I have never been so scared and felt so blessed in a few rushed moments as I did this morning.

I am standing in my kitchen, straining my fermented hen feed, talking to The S/O as he's getting ready to leave for work. Well, as I am talking I hear Dyson answer me.... like he is prone to do. Only he's not answering me at his gate waiting for me to bring their breakfast and fresh water bucket.... No, he's answering me right under the kitchen window! My heart sinks and I go rushing to the front door... Open it and they are all standing their staring up at me as they all try to talk to me at the same time.

My first thought is.... oh gawd... what have they gotten into!

Well apparently their first thought was to come find me (Which is awesome!) because the barn door was still closed and the hen feed wasn't messed with.

Walked them back up their gate watching them happy dance cause we are out with them. I think they thought we were going to go for an adventure hike. They were disappointed. We wrangled them back inside and went to find a lock for the gate latch so I don't get scared to death again!

Who left the gate loosely latched in the first place? My boys fed them last night as I was cooking dinner/running behind schedule.


  1. It's amazing what escape artists they can be... add a few children to the mix or a distracted mama and then BOOM! Glad everyone is ok!

    1. Thank goodness they had the mind to come straight to the house. Guess that's one of the pros about having bottle babies in the house.