Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Feathered Flock's Groggy Gruel

Fermented grains with deWormer and Milk Kefir

This concoction that we have dubbed 'Groggy Gruel'.  To create this the grains soak in Water Kefir for 48  hours. I then strain them, pour them in a feeding dish, add 1 quart of Milk Kefir, 1/4 cup Thorvin Kelp, about one tablespoon of Vitalerbs or Herbal deWormer, depending on which day of the routine we are on and they love it.

The Grains soaking in Water  Kefir

The first three days with the new hens here, I put a herbal deWormer in it instead of the herbal vitamins/mineral mix. Routinely, I will give them the Herbal deWormer in the Groggy Gruel once a week and  the Vitalerbs Groggy Gruel the rest of the week

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