Monday, December 9, 2013

Natural Healing: Wattle Cyst

I have a Confession and a Testimonial at the same time:

I discovered that Khloe had a Wattle Cyst... I posted about it on  a Totally Natural Goat Facebook group that I am a member of and got some great advise on taking care of it using Infection both internally and externally as a Salve and Drench.
However, I had to order herbs and then my father passed away. With that and my being gone more then 6 weeks, taking care of arrangements, helping my mom, moving her in with us and them moving her back to Texas... 
Well, I have to confess, I never actually started treating her Wattle Cyst.  I kept remembering and going I'll do it after this trip, or after this 5 day of rains...etc. However, I have been keeping an eye on it and it was slowly shrinking.

Here is the testimonial part... I think the Vitalerbs and the herbs in the deWormer  we use with added extra raw garlic can be attributed to healing her/making her healthy -- including allowing her body to take care of that cyst.

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