Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thingamajig & Remedy: CHEMICAL FREE TRAP for those HORRID BUGS!

Mosquitoes are HORRID HORRID HORRID after all this rain... Going to try these traps around the goatlings' Sleepy Goat Inn. I feel so bad for them. Their ears are covered in bites.
I did some internet research and decided to go with this recipe: 

Items needed:         
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/4 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 tsp of yeast 
  • 1 16-24 oz plastic bottle


  1. Cut the top portion of the plastic bottle off as neatly as possible in a straight cut around. 
  2. Place the funnel part, upside down, into the other half of the bottle, taping them together if desired. I used black duct tape. 
  3. Mix brown sugar with 1/4 cup hot water, stir, let the sugar disolve and then add 1/4 cup cold water. Pour into prepared bottle.
  4. Add the yeast. Give a little slosh to mix. It creates carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes. 
  5. Wrap the bottle with something black, leaving the top uncovered, and place it outside in an area away from your normal gathering area. (Mosquitoes are drawn to the color black or white.)

I started with one, and then I have put out approximately 3 more bottles, on consecutive days. I will most likely put out a few more before the week is over. 

I've been using this for 4 days now... I can actually stand outside near the goatling's shed and tarp without having 5 mosquitoes instantly on my legs...   

It is recommended that you change the solution every 2 weeks for continuous control. I will most likely change mine out weekly. I am in no short supply of yeast nor sugar.

UPDATE: Here it is... FULL OF BUGS..... And those nasty biting gnats seem to be attracted to it too! Heck, it even got about 3 yellow jackets that were swarming the first day I put them out. 

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