Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Khloe: Chronic Cough

Khloe, our 4 month old doeling,  has had a dry cough… nothing from her nose/no drainage. She seemed to cough the most when sticking her face in her feed, herbs and hay... but of course we are out there the most when she's getting fed so it is difficult to tell if she's coughing all the time or not.

I called the vet she wanted us to do a full on treatment of antibiotics as a precaution to protect her and the tribe. Does not need to see her though to listen to her lungs or the like...  I do not like that idea so much. There had to be a natural way to do this.

I read up on cough’s in Kat's book and she says that coughs are not always bad… they are healing and helping the body right itself. So, I asked the Totally Natural Goat's Group on Facebook that I am  a member of... just what could I do to support/heal her without going the Vet’s route of drugs by needles.
Well, I  have been treating Khloe for the chronic cough with a herbal mixture... 3 times a day, 6 days straight. Yesterday was day seven, her day of rest.... which is recommended to be taken when doing natural healing by the many Herbal Masters. This morning, there was noticeable improvement in her.... only a little hack or two and she seemed a little more vibrant.

So, now I am going to follow up with 6 more days, 3 times a day treatment or three days in a row of no signs/symptoms what so ever... whichever comes first.

Chronic Cough Drench
Dried Comfrey Root
Dried Mullein
Dried Marshmallow Root
Dried Lobelia
Cayenne (Added in 2nd week)
Drops of Lobelia Tincture
Drops of Olive Leaf Tincture
Drops of Garlic/Mulin Tincture
Fresh Raw Garlic
Raw honey
Apple Cider Vinegar

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  1. Follow Up: She has had three days in a row of no coughing. It seems to have complete resolved with the herbal remedy, so now I am taking her off of it and continue to monitor her to make sure it doesn't return.