Thursday, August 22, 2013

Follow Up Report: The Bleating Dwarf Tavern

As you can see... Shiva thinks that the hay feeder is working great. All four of our Nigerian Dwarfs can feed at the same time. There are a few changes we had to make  since building it to improve the design, which are:

  • Lowered the roof line with a little less pitch to keep the heavier rains we've been getting off the hay. Thought we would also make the roof bigger, about a foot out in each direction.
  • When they feed on it, they get it spinning sometimes and end up unscrewing the eye hook at the top in which the feeder is hanging from.  To prevent that, the eye hook had to be replaced with a longer one and a locking bolt on top.
  • We painted the hanging feeder... it was blue. I should have sanded it really good and used a plastic primer first. The paint gets scrapped off pretty easily. Once the goats have most of it worn off, I'll repaint it with better techniques.

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