Thursday, July 18, 2013

Haemonchus whatus?

Did fecals on my three goat babies this morning. They are showing Haemonchus (barber's pole) worms in Dyson and Shiva. Aurora has brown stomach worms.  She said they are not overloaded  with them, however.

She wanted me to use Ivermectin, a COW dewormer, but was very supportive of me using a herbal dewormer, wants me to clean up all their poop while worming them and wants me to bring a fecal in two weeks to recheck.

She's intrigued about the herbal dewormer. Had some questions and said I might end up teaching her something.

So,... here we go LOH herbal dewormer, lets show her what we've got!

The worst part for us was the drenching gun and forcing it into their mouths. I am hoping it gets better with practice.

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