Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Goats: Ear Mights or/and Infections

Shiva has been shaking her ears almost violently since yesterday. I figure ear mites or an infection. I made a Vet appointment for tomorrow.... And then, well, I am second guessing myself. Going to cancel the appointment and try this naturally. Went and got some pure Witch Hazel and some Mullen Garlic Oil. So, here's our first adventure in natural homesteading!

I cleaned each of the 3 kids ears with a cotton ball dabbed in a Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil mixture. I then dropped a few drops of
Mullein Garlic Oil into each ear and massaged at the base of the ear. 

Immediately afterwards they began shaking their heads like crazy again. Guess we'll see how it is in a few days. It's suggested you do this once a week as preventive care too.


  1. Ok so how did this end up working for you? Not sure on profile, so it's Tracy Applegate

  2. It worked really well. They stopped being hassled by their ears in a few days. I do not do the weekly preventative care though.... I only treat them when they show symptoms.