Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goat Musings....

One thing that I've noticed about all these goat books and websites dedicated to being new at raising goats... They are all very scientific and don't really explain anything in a manner in which an compassionate animal lover wants to hear.

They talk about milking and confirmation... Which I still have no idea what a good confirmation is on a goat and why I would care. They talk about udders on their doe more then they do about the joy of having just watched a new kid being born. It just all seems to impersonal.
They never once mention that all of your goats will have their own personality or that they all have their own voice. I can tell which of my goats is crying for me just by the sound of their voice. 


Dyson is a spite-fire. A spoiled little boy who loves to come over and cuddle in my lap. Every time I call his name, he answers me with his own little sounding smart-arsed...'Whaaaaa?". Sheeva is very shy with a soft sounding voice. She appears to be taking on the head of the tribe roll however now that we brought Aurora into the group. She always puts herself between us and Aurora, as if she is staking her claim... My Humans! Aurora is a jumper! She's the tiniest of the three and a real daredevil. She can clear my counter-tops in a single bound and isn't afraid to try anything when it comes to getting where she wants to be.


  1. Sounds like you need to start a blog so others who are compassionate goat farmers can learn from you. If you ever have a question and need to know something about goats you have my number. I showed them in fairs as a 4-H member. Raised Sanaans and Alpines (milk goats). I can advise you on everything from hoof rot to mastitus.

    1. Thanks Tami For the offer and the advise. I might. I dont have much confidence in myself as a writer. I feel it's an art-form more then a craft. Is it something you can perfect?

  2. Well, CJ...confirmation is when the goat accepts you as its true Lord and savior.