Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Squash Garden

The Squash Garden; Zucs and Dixie Yellow.

I did not use the offsetting planting technique here as these are bush plants and each one will take over their whole corner of the garden. The top toil here wasn't too bad. I added some garden soil, some compost and some Chic/Duckling droppings to get it richer.

Believe it or not, just these four plants will give use squash out our ears.... we will be giving it away b efore the end of summer.

Dyson really likes the rock border. He jumps from rock to rock.


  1. Conversation between Mich and myself:

    Michelinda Beisly Smith: What kinds? I have have Grey Zuch and both Crooked Neck yellow and Straight Neck yellow squash. And something called a Naples. They were all packages of heirloom in my kit, so I started seedlings of each kind to compare - not sure what will end up in the garden yet.

    Cj Sheppler: Organic Summer Zucchini and Dixie Bottle Neck Yellow Squash. These seed packets are left overs from 2010 and they still sprouted!

    Michelinda Beisly Smith: I wondered about the Summer type - sounded good. But I had all these packages of some odd sounding new "old" type, I had to try them. BTW... I love the border. I have all mine in RR ties with electric fence to keep everyone out!

    Cj Sheppler: I don't know if I have to do fencing yet or not. I have back ups in my windows in case these get eaten.

  2. I lost one plant... Just withered up and died. Not sure why. The other three seem to be still perfectly happy. Going to start a seedling to replace the now uprooted one.